Fifty years of intelligent entertainment


That’s because his Motivational Mentalism literally plays with your mind.

In Lee Earle’s performances, members of the audience become the stars of the show.  Your friends, colleagues, and associates will be empowered to harness the incredible talents that lie within each of us.

Lee Earle is your mentor, tour guide, and catalyst to unleashing these unusual capabilities in a show that’s fast, fresh, and fun.

Imagine how it feels actually to communicate with someone, mind-to-mind.  Join Lee Earle on the platform and try it for yourself.  You will be both amazed and delighted and perhaps wonder - is it Body Language or Non-Verbal Communication or ... something even more remarkable.

Lee explains Empowering Your E.S.P. * (* Essential Subconscious Partner, ie: intuition), complete with demonstrations in which participants discover why their 'gut feelings' are actually intuitive perceptions that can be enormously helpful for spotting a prospect's reluctance to commit, unaddressed product or service concerns, and other unspoken obstacles to completing the sale.

Mr. Earle teaches a 5-step method for developing intuitive skills, including metrics and methods for measuring individual progress. This approach is especially useful for individuals who have a skeptical attitude toward this typically 'soft' material.

Emphasis is placed on discerning true intuitive insights vs. wishful thinking or unhelpful 'self-talk' as well as a psychologically based strategy for reinforcing their initial successes.

Additionally, the benefits (of using a fact-based, truthful approach with customers which always redounds to our benefit) are stressed using a fast, fresh, and fun 'poker face' presentation in which attendees learn why prospects may become uncomfortable with our sales approaches and how to recognize non-verbal 'cues' that indicate resistance.

Time permitting, a module can be included which is enormously useful in helping to remember prospect's names - universally acknowledged as one of the prime requisites for developing a rapport which leads to greater engagement and eventual sales opportunities.


Lee Earle is a veteran entertainer, speaker, and trainer with over 50 years on the professional platform.

His unique insights challenge conventional attitudes about the relationship between performers and their audiences.